At Smallford Farm Shop we work with a unique selection of brands and products made by passionate producers.
Local where possible but always best in class.


Frank Cannatella and Salvatore Colletti became friends when they both came to the UK from their native Sicily in 1959 to find work. Inspired by their parents, they started growing cucumbers and then tomatoes and peppers from their own nurseries in Essex. The Smallford nursery was purchased in 1977, joining their businesses together.

When both fathers sadly passed away in December 2010 and March 2011, Sam and Joe (their sons and pictured below) took over the business. It continues to grow many different and specialised varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, and more recently aubergines and chillies.

Picked less than 100m away from Smallford Farm Shop, your salad has never been fresher!

just william farmer & butcher

Just William are from High Trees Farm in Ware, Hertfordshire, rearing free-range beef, lamb, and turkeys throughout the year.
Their animals are reared slowly, enjoying a better and longer life where they can grow and mature at a normal rate, rather than using unnatural grains for forced growth acceleration.

The cattle and lambs have high forage and grass diets, and are free to wander throughout the fields, which is the best approach to farming. From farm to fork, everything has been done to make sure it is not just better meat, but the very best.

Cannatella & Colletti

Inspired by traditional Italian recipes and the food they love to eat, these authentic gourmet sauces are made with freshly harvested premium produce grown at Smallford nursery.

Carefully nurtured from seed to jar, these delicious tomatoes and peppers are vine ripened and bursting with sweetness and intense flavour. Combined with a variety of other simple ingredients, these speciality sauces are 100% natural with no additives or preservatives. They are delicious as dips, served with toasted bread and crostini, and incorporated into tapas or antipasti starters. They are also fantastic stirred through pasta or served with meat and fish to enhance the flavour of a main course.

Cannatella & Colletti sauces will be available to purchase at Smallford Farm Shop and will be used in the kitchen to produce meals for the café.


Founded in January 2017, Twist Teas set about to create a range of the finest whole leaf teas, herbs and fruits, blended to delight taste buds and make people smile. They are full of little surprises making them different.
The Twist team believe that there’s nothing like a cup of tea to lift the spirits and raise a smile, whether drunk alone or in a group, out and about or in the comforts of your own home.

Whether you need something to get you started, boost your energy or help you sleep, whether you want a guilt-free treat without calories for yourself or a healthy drink for the children, try tea with a Twist.


Greenfields Beekeeping started out as a hobby with just two hives in a back garden and over 15 years has grown into a small family run business with hives surrounding the North London and Hertfordshire area. The business is committed to the welfare of honey bees and strive to keep their bees healthy and happy, producing high quality honey.

They specialise in producing cold extracted single origin honey both in jars and in its most raw form, the comb itself, nothing added and nothing taken away, just as the bees made it!


Mrs Middleton’s award-winning cold-pressed rapeseed oil is produced from the highest quality seed, grown on a family farm in Bedfordshire. These cold-pressed rapeseed oils are high in omega oils and vitamin E, and low in saturated fats, making them healthy, nutritious and delicious.

A perfect and versatile ingredient for any kitchen – for baking, roasting, frying or as a salad dressing.